My name is Lorraine Matherly, my kennel name (although I do not have a kennel, this is the prefix I use for dogs that I have bred, owned and/or co-owned) is Lore. My dogs are treasured members of my family. My life centers around them and their care and well-being. I have enjoyed the pleasure of the company of Great Danes since 1985. Through the Danes, I have met and befriended people from around the world. The Danes have enriched my life in many ways and for that I am deeply grateful.

Living with a Great Dane is rather like living with a young child. They are mostly innocent and look to you for guidance. However much you give to them, they return tenfold. Adopting a Great Dane is a lifelong commitment…a Great Dane will wither without your attention so before you decide to do so, please give a lot of thought as to whether you have the time and inclination to give them the care and attention they need and crave.

Breeding for me is something I do not take lightly.  It takes a commitment to trying to achieve dogs that most adhere to their Breed Standard.  The Great Dane is an athletic dog, kind and noble…and when I see one that looks like the standard, it takes my breath away.  I bred for many years and as of this writing (March 17, 2020), I have not had a litter in my house for 13 years.  I thought that I was done.   Last year I decided that I love this breed and want to continue to be “all in”.  To that end, I started looking for a female to begin again.  I found her in “Casaarabal’s Will of the Gods”.   The breeders had already named her before I saw her and I feel it was a divine sign.  Her baby photo gave me goosebumps.

And so, we start again.

If you are new to the breed or if I can help answer any questions for you, please email:  I will try to help.  For the love of the breed.

I have owned or co-owned 22 champions, bred or co-bred 24, breeder/owner/handled completely 5, owner-handled 3 purchased Great Danes to their championships, pointed 5 others. Had 9 litters in my home.

I am an AKC Breeder of Merit.

I campaigned my bred by (Professionally handled): CH Lore’s Joyride in 2008 to #5 Great Dane.

Owned and campaigned (Professionally handled) the number one Great Dane 2006: BIS/BISS CH Sasdania Vitag’s Frozen Asset HOF, who was the sire of the top winning Great Dane in the history of the breed whom I co-bred and co-owned: BIS/BISS Platinum GCH Longo Miller N Lore Diamond Lil HOF. 2013 # 1 Great Dane all systems, # 3 working dog, #9 among all breeds, garnering a total of 38 Bests in Show, 22 BISS.

Below is a list of dogs I have owned, bred or co-bred during my career.

  • BISS CH Simmon’s Belle Mode of Lore 1986
  • Rojon’s Desiree of Lore 1986
  • Calico Rock’s Monterey V Lore 1987
  • CH Lore’s Bravado V Blackwatch 1989
  • Lore Safari 1989
  • CH Lore’s French Cheesecake 1993
  • Lore’s Country Gold 1993
  • CH Lore’s Debonair Gent 1996
  • CH Lore’s Favorite Son 1997
  • CH Lore’s From the Heart 1997
  • Lore’s Dressed To the Nines 1996
  • CH Lore’s Shadow Dancer 1998
  • Riverwood’s Hallelujah Lore 1999
  • CH Ironwood’s Aspen Gold of Lore 1999
  • CH Lore’s The Works V Ironwood 1999
  • CH Mardi Gras Lore Krews King 2000
  • CH Lore’s Mr. Nice Guy 2000
  • CH Lore’s Hearthrob 2000
  • Lore’s Dressed to Thrill 2000
  • CH Lore’s Tutta Bellla 2000
  • CH Temple Dell’s Dane Lore V Schurstein 2001
  • CH Lagarada’s Genuine Gold of Lore 2001
  • CH G’NHydane’s La Terremotos of Lore 2001
  • BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Sasdania’s Frozen Asset 2001
  • Producer of 59 champions, Number 1 Great Dane 2006 Top 20 Winner 2006
  • BISS CH Lore’s Invaluable Asset, RN 2004 #7 Great Dane 2007
  • BISS CH Lore’s Joyride,AOM 2005 #5 Great Dane 2008
  • CH Lore J’Adore 2005
  • CH Lore Bellemarc’s Je’Taime 2005
  • CH Lore’s Mardes Jaxon 2005
  • CH Lore’s Kind Hearted Quincy 2005
  • CH Lore’s Kandi Kisses 2005
  • CH Lore’s Kind Hearted Quincy 2005
  • BIS/BISS CH Longo’s Starr Studded V Miller 2005
  • No. 2 Great Dane Top Twenty Winner
  • CH Parthenon Lore’s Got Moxi O’Belldane 2007
  • CH Bayside Lore’s Just The Way You Are 2008
  • CH Bayside Lore’s Just And True 2008
  • CH Parthenon Lore’s Got Moxi O’Belldane 2007
  • CH Gracyn N Lost Creek’s Cara Mia of Lore 2010
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s That’s Amore 2010
  • BIS/BISS CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Diamond Lil 2010
  • Top winning Great Dane of all time Top 20 Winner
  • CH Belldane-Lore Tonka’s Latest News 2012
  • CH Lore Cheshire Sweet Ride O’Belldane 2012
  • CH Lore Cheshire Riding High O’Belldane 2012
  • CH Lore Cheshire Riding High O’Belldane 2012
  • Indra’s Moon Dance of Lore 2014
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Here Comes the Son 2014
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s King James 2015
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Queen Bee V Nor’East 2015
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Sugar and Spice 2015
  • GCHG Double D N Lore’s Ode To Joy 2015 #6 Great Dane 2018, # 7 2017 and #20 2016
  • CH Longo Miller N Lore’s Ovation 2015
  • CH Valhalla N Lore’s Rising Son 2018